Don’t let Lor-e Phillips’ long list of credits fool you, she knew where she was going since junior high school and has been adding to her resume ever since. As a teen, she launched her first line in 1996 in the Paramount Pictures “Clueless” era with a collection of faux fur handbags and accessories that were successfully sold over the Internet.

In 1997, Lor-e designed a hollow, transparent, fillable platform shoe that was featured on the TV show “Clueless”. By popular demand she then officially debuted her first accessories line at the 1999 MAGIC Clothing Convention in Las Vegas and soon Lor-e Phillips designs were sold around the country and featured in magazines such as Seventeen and YM.

Shortly after that she began wardrobe styling for the television, motion picture and music industry, which lead her to a partnership with where they went on to design and launch their first clothing line in 2001, called “”, a limited collection of wearable art. Each piece was individually signed and numbered and was sold exclusively at Fred Segal and Traffic boutiques in Los Angeles.

Also in 2001, Lor-e was appointed the head wardrobe stylist for the Black Eyed Peas, she continues to lead that up as well as styling and designing custom pieces for other celebrities such as Jaden Smith and Zendaya.

Among her favorite accomplishments she designed the uniforms for the entire staff of the world renowned Hard Rock Hotels around the country. In fact, an outfit designed by Lor-e in 2004, worn by of Black Eyed Peas was inducted into the rock n’roll hall of fame museum.

Lor-e also believes in giving back and helping those in need. She started a program that donates hats she specially designs for children suffering from the effects of cancer and the treatments they endure. Her goal is to give these children—who often become self-conscious about their physical appearance—a way to feel good about themselves.

Currently, she is co-designing the wearables collection and heading up the creative fashion team as Executive Director of Styling and Design with at his tech company,, as well as playing key roles in design, creative direction and marketing for several major brands.